Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I use my own boxes?

Yes! We are happy to provide you with as many of our free, high quality boxes as you may need. Order as many or a few as you like, please just return the ones you don't use during pick up. If you would like to use your own there is pricing for other kinds of storage containers under the "Pricing" section of the website.

Can I store things that are not on the pricing list? 

Absolutely! Many items not on our pricing list like furniture are priced based on size. We would be happy to give you a price estimate if you sent us an email, or you can request an in person estimate by one of our reps. 

Do I need to tell you how many items I am storing prior to pick up? 

Whether it's one or twenty-one, you do not need to tell us how many boxes you plan to store with us ahead of time, we will gladly store any number of items for you.

Packing +  Storage 

Can I change my pickup or delivery time?

 You edit any of your preferences when you log into your account at any time during the semester until a week before finals. At that point, if you cannot make your scheduled pickup time, you would automatically be moved into our bonus pickup time of between 6-8 at night on whatever day you are planning on having your belongings picked up.

Do I need to be in my room for pickup or delivery?

Obviously we would love if you were there, but if you’re not present, we ask that you provide us with the contact information of a friend who will be there to oversee the pickup or delivery.

How do I label my items? 

In dropping off your boxes and tape, we will also provide labels to be taped to the outside of the box. Write your name and the number of each item. I know that sounds confusing, but let us make it clearer for you. If you have five boxes, label the first one "1 of 5", the second "2 of 5", and so on and so forth.

Payment + Pricing + Insurance 

How will I be billed? 

After your items are picked up, we will generate a detailed invoice for you letting you know exactly what you are being charged based on the items we picked up.

How does your pricing work? 

Each item is priced differently, as laid out in the pricing section on our site. You only pay for what you are storing, which means there is no flat rate, because why pay more when you don't need to? For items not listed on the website, they are priced based on size. For additional pricing questions and estimates on prices of unique items don't hesitate to email us at

Are there any additional charges for pickup and delivery?

 Nothing to worry about in terms of additional fees for our pickup and delivery services, they are both free of charge. 

Avg Consumer


              3 Storage Scholars Boxes - Summer session (4 months, May-Aug) - $180

               4 Storage Scholars Boxes - Summer session (4 months, May-Aug) - $240

               5 Storage Scholars Boxes - Summer session (4 months, May-Aug) - $300

               6 Storage Scholars Boxes - Summer session (4 months, May-Aug) - $360