One-Stop Shop 

Storage Scholars is a full service storage company. 



We offer the most inclusive storage available to students: 

  • Free boxes and packing supplies

  • Door-to-door pick up and delivery

  • Storage in local, climate controlled, insured facilities

  • Flexible pickup and delivery time slots that work around your schedule

  • In person price estimates, so you know exactly what everything costs

  • Absolutely no hidden fees

  • WFU Exclusive

    • Pack it, Lock it up in your room, and Leave! We’ll handle the rest

    • Summer School Accommodations

    • Box Recycling: Help save the Earth and return your boxes for reuse!


Car storage

Need a safe, affordable place to store your car over the summer? Look no further…

Service includes:

  • Indoor storage

  • Transport to and from campus

  • Battery maintenance (will be started every month)

  • Complimentary wash prior to return!

*Student must maintain full insurance coverage throughout storage period (comprehensive and collision) with proof provided.



Our shipping service is commonly used for the following situations: 

  1. Incoming freshman ship items prior to arrival

  2. Students ship items home at the end of the semester

  3. Students ship to new school in the case of a transfer

Regardless of which category you fall in, we have you covered with the best prices and fast delivery. 

*Shipping services are provided through partnering 3rd party vendor UPS. 


Have any questions? Send us an email, we Are more than happy to accommodate any and all of your needs.