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Reality TV Shows that are Worth the Watch

March 4, 2022

Annabel Barr

We all enjoy the guilty pleasure of Reality television, whether you are willing to admit it or not. No matter how absurd or outlandish it may be, these shows have a way of keeping people glued to the screen. I am not afraid to say I love a good reality show here and there. I have watched my fair share of these shows, maybe too many of them for my own good. Here are a few that stand out to me as the best shows that you must watch.

Southern Charm is an absolute favorite of mine. It combines the boujee lifestyles we all love to watch with the element of Charleston high society. Full of scandals, drama, and lots of fun group trips, it covers all of the bases that an excellent reality show needs. Not to mention, the lovely Charleston homes featured in this show and elegant parties being thrown are nothing short of breathtaking. Overall, this show will make you want to move down to South Carolina and join the Southern Charm crew in a heartbeat. 

Love Island is a British dating show that will have you and your friends picking up new British lingo before you even finish your first episode. Many single people are sent to a villa where they couple up every few episodes, with people constantly being dumped from and arriving on the Island. It is genuinely unbeatable and does not fail to keep the audience on their toes. It is too easy to form an emotional connection with the people in the show, and it quickly becomes apparent which couple you will choose to root for. Did I mention they film six days a week? So if you’re looking for a fun show to binge-watch, they have plenty of episodes to keep you entertained. Overall, this is a show you just have to watch to understand how good it is. 

The Masked Singer is more on the singing competition side of reality television, but it is so good it had to make the list. This show consists of famous guests who are wearing disguises and competing to be crowned the best singer. Each time someone is eliminated, their identity is revealed. Meanwhile, the judging panel tries to guess who they are and are hilariously off most of the time. The best part of this show is that it features celebrities you would never know could sing, including athletes, actors, politicians, and so much more. They have had everyone from Tony Hawk to Lil Wayne, to even the famous video-gamer Ninja. Overall, this is a lighthearted show to watch that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. 

Are You The One is another dating show that is very entertaining, to say the least. The basis of this show is the contestants take detailed personality and compatibility tests and are ultimately paired up with their “perfect match.” The problem is that they do not know who this is and have to figure out all ten pairings to win the prize money. This situation inevitably leads to drama. When couples that hit it off are not perfect matches, things get very dicey among the housemates. It is a high drama but high entertainment and a show that I would absolutely recommend.

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