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Each year Storage Scholars hand selects 2-3 students to mentor and give incredible entrepreneurial experiences through running a branch of our business on your campus.


February to August: 3-15 hours/week scaling up to the end of the semester.

What you will learn

As a team, you will be immersed in omnichannel marketing, operations, management, customer experience, and sales with full creative liberty over the direction and budget.

We Have Openings for the Following Positions on Your Campus

Campus Co-founder

We are looking for hustlers, get sh*t done kind of people. We would love for you to be well connected and on campus, but we need someone we know we can trust with our brand at the end of the day. Co-Founders are the main point of contact with the Storage Scholars executive team, and you will learn A LOT working alongside us. You will learn how to think, act, and execute like a business owner because we hope this experience leaves you with enough confidence to run your own company. THAT IS THE GOAL.

You will have to put in the time and the sweat to see the results to get there. Operationally you will be organizing a group of students on campus to help you with marketing, selling, and ultimately physically moving students' belongings. Co-Founders in the past have made $5K then $20K in their junior-senior year. We hope you blow them out of the water.


We seek intrinsically motivated people because your compensation is based directly on the success of your campus.


This is a creative and flexible position that allows students to work when they want, on the things they want. We have numerous guerrilla and online strategies that have been successful in years past. However, we are always open to testing new ideas you may have; you know your campus best! Commitment can be as little as making a single post in GroupMe or working alongside the Campus Co-Founder up to 10 hours a week during March-May, peak season, and then again in August. High-level commitments include: tabling, speaking at club meetings, running campus social media platforms, and designing graphics.


For every student that signs up under your name, you get paid. Simple as that.


We need people that like to work and have a good time doing it. When on campus, we are professional, energetic, and always have a smile on our faces. You will be loading students' stuff onto trucks during the day, driving to our storage facilities to unload in the evenings. The hours are flexible. Most moving opportunities occur from [April-May + August-September] with various hours throughout the semester.


Pay is $15/hour + tips.


We are constantly looking to grow our Executive team with offices in Austin, Texas, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. See available openings by clicking the link below.

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Why Storage Scholars

Next-level mentorship
Success based compensation
Unmatched leadership experience
Resume stand out

Our Core Values

No Bar is too High
No Bar is too High

No obstacle is too difficult to accomplish. We see limitless potential and drive towards the abyss of the unknown. We are proud but never satisfied. We hit our goals and set new ones before anyone can even ask “what’s next?” We constantly push the envelope and standards for our industry. Others set the bar. We raise it.


We believe in doing all things at the highest caliber possible. We don’t just do our best. We strive to do things the very best they can be done. Our mindset dictates our beliefs and our actions will always follow.


If it’s going to suck, we will do it. When we see a hill we run towards it. We push through every obstacle to the limit and then push even harder, past the limit. If we do the things that others do not want to do, then we will create a company unlike any other. We don’t give up. We do not quit. We can. We will. We must.

Storage Scholars team work.

We will not be knocked down or derailed from our mission. We will persevere through the darkest storm and will not waiver. We take no moral shortcut, no matter the trial or tribulation. We hold tight to our mission, vision, passion, and values.

Out of the Box (Problem Solvers)
Out of the Box (Problem Solvers)

We create uncommon solutions to common problems. Our ideas are just crazy enough to work and “I can’t” is not in our vocabulary. We aren’t afraid to color outside of the lines and we never assume the status quo as the best way to get things done.