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Top 10 Bars at Clemson University

March 24, 2022

Madison Seelinger

Top 10 Bars at Clemson University

Clemson, SC, is most widely known for its warm weather, scenic sunsets, and being home to one of the oldest college institutions in the country, Clemson University. The "not-so-little" college town indeed provides students with a unique college experience with its high-ranked athletics, top-notch academic programs, and most importantly, its nightlife.

Clemson has numerous bars and clubs appealing to all your interests-whether sports, live music, playing pool with your buddies, or simply wanting to go for a casual drink. Most, if not all, of Clemson's nightlife is located near the center of campus on College Avenue, a short drive or walk no matter where you may live in the area. Here, we'll give you a rundown of the highest-ranked and most famous bars in downtown Clemson.

1. Study Hall

Although the name is quite misleading and has everything other than "studious students," Study Hall has one of the most unique nightlives in all of downtown Clemson.

Study Hall is one of Clemson's frst known bars, featuring a two-level building with a full-service bar on each foor. The downstairs portion contains two different bar areas and a stage with live music almost every night on the weekends. Not into live music? The upstairs part of Study Hall features an outside rooftop and a DJ overlooking all of downtown Clemson.

Study hall is most famously known for its shot towers and special frozen "jet fuel" drink, which is especially enjoyable when sitting on their rooftop during Clemson's hot weather days.

2. Tigertown Tavern (AKA Triple T's)

Are you looking to play pool? Listen to live music? Or have a game night with friends? Tigertown Tavern, most commonly known by Clemson students as Triple T's, is the place to be.

Interestingly enough, Triple T's is one of the oldest still-standing buildings in Clemson that began as a one-story pool and beer-only Tavern. Since then, the bar has expanded, featuring a private upstairs area and an outdoor patio. Also, it now includes a full-service bar and kitchen appealing to both younger and older crowds.

If you ask a Clemson student who recently turned 21, Triple T's was most likely the frst stop in their downtown bar crawl. Everyone who turn's 21 heads over to Triple T's at midnight to receive their free "I'M LEGAL!!" t-shirt to wear around downtown as they visit all the bars.

3. Loose Change

Loose Change certainly lives up to their name as the walls are covered from head to toe in dollar bills signed by all the current and past students at Clemson.

What previously used to be a wine and sushi restaurant has become one of the hotspots for Clemson students looking for live music and savory food. Loose Change is a one-level bar and restaurant featuring more of a cafe-style vibe during the day and an open bar and live music scene at night. Loose has an inside and outside portion with a full-service bar in each area.

Make sure to visit during their Tequila Tuesday for tacos and drink specials!

4. Backstreets Pub and Grill

Located on Earle street tucked behind College Avenue (hence the name), Backstreets is one of the most popular hangout spots for students looking to enjoy a litcher, eat some food, and play pool with friends.

What used to be a one-level bar now contains two levels and a fully functioning bar and kitchen. The upstairs includes two pool tables and an outdoor patio, attracting many students on warm and sunny days. Once the sun goes down and the weather begins to cool, students start to make their way downstairs which features a bar and club scene with good music and more pool tables.

One of the most unique parts about Backstreets is their beer list competition. If students choose to participate, they must order 100 different beer selections to be checked off and monitored by a Backstreets employee. If completed, your name is put on a plaque and posted up on the wall along with all the other successful competitors over the years.

If you're into beer or bored of your usual order, make sure to head over to Backstreets as they consistently offer new kinds of ciders and IPAs.

5. It’s Your Weiner

Suppose it's a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning. In that case, you'll most likely fnd students enjoying their $1 mimosa on the Its Your Weiner front patio.

Its Your Weiner is one of the newer bars to join downtown Clemson and is most prevalent during game days and for day drinkers as they offer some of the cheapest deals in all of downtown. The bar is one level, featuring two outdoor spaces located in the building's front and back.

The bar has just recently been renovated and is now undergoing construction to include a downstairs club scene which will add to its popularity soon!

6. TD's of Clemson

Voted one of the best bars in the United States by Business Insider, TDs is a popular hangout spot for Clemson students and locals alike.

TD's is one of the frst bars on College Avenue and is well known for its karaoke nights, pool, and occasional live music. The bar is most popular on gamedays for students and alumni looking to enjoy their famous wings and drink specials.

Make sure to grab one of their famous "Clemson Goodnight" 's, voted one of the best drinks available in all of downtown.

7. Esso Club

What was once a gas station on Old Greenville Highway is now home to one of the best-rated sports bars in all of Clemson. Nominated as ESPN's top pick for college sports bars, Esso Club will always be a classic "Clemson Tradition."

Unlike the rest of the sports bars down on College Avenue, Esso Club provides a panoramic view of both LittleJohn and Death Valley for all to enjoy. Their outdoor seating is most prevalent during the early Fall and Spring semesters, where students go to enjoy a good beer and watch college or professional athletic games on their big screen.

Fun fact: The bar is practically a museum itself, with news articles and famous signatures posted upon all the walls. The bar top is also made from original stadium seating.

8. 356

Sushi during the day and drinks at night? Say less! 356 Sushi and Cocktail bar is located in the center of downtown and has quite the nightlife scene.

During the day, students can enjoy their unique selection of sushi and cocktails with tabletop seating throughout the entire bar. The tables are taken away at night, and the whole bar turns into an open layout for students to dance and sing the night away. The club-like scene is trendy during Clemson's "Ain't Patty's Day" in March and has become a popular hangout spot for the Clemson Football team.

Make sure to stop by their 4-8 pm happy hour for $6 litcher deals!

9. Charleston's Sports Pub

Looking for a popular hangout spot to watch a Clemson Football game? Charleston's is the place to be!

The one-level bar is located at the center of downtown, serving as a restaurant during the day and a bar scene at night. Charleston's recently renovated to feature an outdoor patio area, especially popular during the hot Spring semester. The bar is most populated during the National Championship, as Clemson students and locals come to watch the game on their multiple fatscreen TVs surrounding the bar perimeter.

During collegiate and professional football games, make sure to stop by to enjoy a cold beer and good food!

10. Nick's Tavern

Directly off of College Ave and located on Sloan Street is a little bar called Nick's Tavern and Deli. Back in the day, Nick's Tavern was one of the most popular bars in all of downtown Clemson, appealing to both students, facility, and locals alike.

The bar is one of the oldest in downtown Clemson as they frst opened doors in 1976. The small one-level bar recently obtained a liquor license after only serving beer and wine for the past 40 + years, which gained a new attraction toward younger students.

The history and reputation of the bar make it a popular hangout spot for Clemson facility and locals as they serve some of the best beer in town in terms of quality.

Make sure to drop by for one of their famous deli sandwiches!

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