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Clothing Hacks that are Life Savers in College

March 1, 2022

Annabel Barr

Leaving the nest and taking on College definitely comes with its challenges. It takes some time to figure out the ropes and figure out this whole independence thing. Clothing issues are something I struggled with initially, as I’m sure many have as well. Figuring out how to remove the most stubborn stains and fix the inevitable wear and tear was a process. Along the way, I picked up some super helpful tips that I use in my daily life, and I wanted to share them!


There is nothing worse than putting on a freshly washed dark shirt and immediately noticing the dreaded deodorant residue left behind. It seems no matter how careful you are; it can always find a way to leave its mark on any clothing. Water never seems to help wash it off either and sometimes even makes it worse. Nobody has time to deal with the task of washing your shirt all over again, and with this helpful hack, you can skip the trip to the laundry room. My friend shared this with me one day, and it is safe to say it comes in handy very often. All you have to do is get a fresh sock, turn it inside out and wipe it over the affected area. The stains magically disappear, and you are free to go with a new, deodorant-free outfit! 


Along with the deodorant marks, any girl is familiar with the makeup stains that are sometimes nearly impossible to avoid. They are stubborn and can leave quite a lasting effect no matter how many times you put them through the wash. Foundation seems to be the worst culprit, finding its way on collars, sleeves, and pretty much anywhere else. I recently came across the shaving cream method in trying to solve this problem, and it solved my makeup woes. Before putting the stained item of clothing in the wash, simply apply a small amount of shaving cream on the stain and let it sit for about 10 minutes. After you wipe it off with a wet washcloth, put it through the wash to see it vanish entirely! Problem solved, and you can continue to wear your clothes makeup-stain free!


Wrinkles in your clothes can ruin the whole outfit, but getting out an ironing board and going through that process is quite the hassle. Whether you are short on time or have some to spare, these hacks will allow you to go out wrinkle-free. The straightener method has been a lifesaver for removing wrinkles when I am in a time crunch. It works as an easy-to-use clothing iron when you quickly run it over the problem spots. Just be sure not to leave it in one place too long to avoid leaving burn marks. Also, if there is enough time before you plan to wear the outfit, this is the hack for you! Hang it in your bathroom and turn on your shower. The steam helps remove the wrinkles, and you can be on your way!


It is always the worst when your favorite clothes start pilling. They reach the day where all of the runs through the laundry catch up to them, and the annoying pieces of the extra fabric begin to pop up. It is not a good look and can ruin even your most prized wardrobe items. Don’t throw them out when the pilling gets to be too much; there is a simple solution! Lay the clothing down on a flat surface and lightly run a razor over the problem area. It’s that simple! The pilling is immediately gone, and your favorite outfit is back, good as new!

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