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Storage Scholars School Spotlight: Elon University

Kimberly Hirsch

November 17, 2022

5 minutes

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About the School

     Elon University, home of the Elon Phoenix, is a private school spanning 656 acres in central Elon, North Carolina. There are just over 7,000 students, mostly undergraduate, though some graduate, representing 46 states and 49 countries across the globe. The University is comprised of six different schools offering bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees. Elon is a very tight-knit school with strong traditions and a background that extends over a century. Elon has an exceptionally high retention rate, showing that students enjoy their time at college and are happy with their education and experience. After graduation, the Elon culture remains strong, as its Alumni network is vast across the country.

What Elon University is Best Known For

     Elon is a popular University that is known for many great attributes. First and foremost, it is well known for its business program. In fact, Elon is one of the top 40 business schools in the United States. Elon's part-time MBA and undergraduate Teaching programs are also recognized as the best in the country. In addition to its academic programs, Elon is known for its study abroad programs. An astounding 74% of undergraduate students participate in one of the amazing study programs overseas.

History of Elon

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     Elon University is rich in history. The school was originally called Elon College and was founded in 1889 by William S. Long. The first class consisted of 76 students. The college began with its roots deeply engrained in religion and was founded by the Christian Connection (later known as the United Church of Christ).

     In 1906 the school was taken over by new president Emmett L. Moffitt, and under his leadership, heat, electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing were installed. Disaster struck in the late 1920s, and most of the college was lost in a fire. Thankfully the college voted to rebuild immediately. 

     School population fluctuated drastically over the years, primarily because of WWII, the flu pandemic, and the Great Depression. While the college almost faced an early end, a steady increase in population started in the 1970s and continues to the present day, along with many other noteworthy milestones. Elon gained University status in 2001 and has grown in size thanks to contributions and generous donations of Elon alums. Connie Ledoux became Elon's 9th president (and 1st woman president) in 2018. She successfully navigated Elon through the 2020 pandemic with a switch to online learning and came out on the other side stronger than ever. 

     Today, Elon is no longer affiliated with any one religion. It has been nationally praised for its academic transformation over the years. It has become more academically selective and rigorous since the turn of the century. 

Famous Alumni

     Elon University has many notable alumni from around the world. Rich Blomquist is an Emmy-award-winning writer from the Daily Show. Several well-known actors and actors have graduated from Elon, including Mark St. Cyr (Disney's High School Musical Series), Lisa Goldstein (One Tree Hill), Grant Gustin (Glee and The Flash), Brent Sexton (Deadwood), Chris Wood (The Vampire Diaries), Elon has also been home to many film producers, writers, Broadway actors, and politicians, In the sports world, some notable Elon alumni include Olympian Blake Russel, and MLB umpire Joe West and many major league players.

Life On Campus

     Living on Campus at Elon University is an enjoyable experience for students. It is known for being a beautiful collegiate environment, and visually stunning campus. Seven residential neighborhoods include many dining options and a bus system to help students get around.

     The University has a very high retention rate especially for first-year students. The majority of students choose on-campus living vs. off-campus. Students who live on campus tend to become very involved in the community by joining one of the many clubs, sports, sororities, or fraternities available. These communities allow for personal growth and leadership skills and enhance the overall student experience. In the sports world, Elon is part of the NCAA I. In addition, Elon also offers many club and intramural sports all at various levels.

Life Off Campus     

     The town of Elon and its neighboring communities have so much to offer once you step foot off campus! From nature to dining and everything in between, there is something for everyone, no matter your interests!

     If the family is visiting, you will need a place to dine–somewhere convenient and one that is a delicious representation of Elon! Thankfully, The Root is just next door to campus (so close you could even walk)! The small but vibrant restaurant has many unique twists on traditional foods (plus its Vegan-friendly). Their fries are a must, and their fried green tomato sandwich makes it worth returning to for a second visit.  

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     If you have a train fanatic in the family, then after your dinner, you'll want to take a short drive to the Gibsonville Garden Railroad to see the 2,400 feet of track with 20 running trains plus airplanes and cable cars. The garden replicates the historic community and even features a diorama of Elon College. The best part is that you don't need to own a train to enjoy the garden and can even help run the trains if you want.   

     Travel a little further south to experience some preserved American History. The Battle of Alamance was the first battleground before the start of the American Revolutionary War. Plan a visit to learn more about this important historical site and see the preserved homes that stand today.

Favorite Traditions

     Elon prides itself on having rich historical roots and traditions. Their weekly Numen Lumen (also the University's motto, meaning: "intellectual and spiritual light")  is an opportunity for the Elon family to come together for reflection and inspiration, a well-loved ritual with deep historical roots.

     Homecoming is a cherished celebration in the fall that brings the community together every year. Elon Day is another treasured tradition celebrated in March. 

     The traditions and roots of Elon are so crucial to the heart of the school that there is an entire council of students and faculty who work together to maintain its integrity and keep these essential traditions alive. 

Storage Scholars and Elon University

     Elon has been a partner with Storage Scholars since its early days. It is one of the schools with which Storage Scholars has Key Access to provide top-notch service to its customers. This means that they've teamed up with Elon's Residence Life and can access the dorms before students move in at the start of school and after they move out at the end of the year. The campus is run by Campus Co-founders Nick Manuel, Enzo Devente, and Jack McDonald for a more tailored and personalized experience. 

     Over the summer of 2022, Storage Scholars rolled out its brand new "Ship to School" Program, and Elon University was one of six campuses able to test it out. Students received shipping boxes and supplies at their homes, filled them with their belongings, and shipped them to the Storage Scholars warehouse (located near campus), where they stayed until a week before college move-in. At that time, Manuel, Devente, McDonald, and their team used their Key Access to drop off those boxes before students arrived on campus. In addition to shipping boxes from their home, Students could also order items from online retailers and have those dropped off. Students and parents raved about the convenience of the program and the efficiency with which it was executed. Kudos to all the student movers for launching a successful Ship-To-School program. To learn more about Storage Scholars and secure your spot for an upcoming campus move, visit


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