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13 Reasons Why Storage Scholars Boxes are the Best in the Industry!

Kimberly Hirsch

February 3, 2023

6 Minutes

As students across the globe prepare to move out of college for the summer, student storage becomes a significant issue. How do you pack up all your stuff for the summer without having to lug it around on multiple trips? This is where Storage Scholars comes in! We offer the best solution for summer storage, moving, and shipping and have one thing the other companies don't have: a superior storage box. Never did we imagine there would be such a hierarchy in the world of cardboard boxes, yet here we are, ready to tell you all 13 reasons why ours are the very best in the industry. Let's look at why our storage boxes are the perfect solution you didn't even know existed! 

Storage Scholars Boxes come with a built-in label!

1. They come with a built-in label

That's right, we've thought of everything. No more wondering what information you need to put on your boxes for the moving company or where to put it for maximum visibility. We've placed it perfectly so your movers don't have a single question about who it belongs to and where it's going. If you're a Ship to School customer, you'll need to ship us your boxes, but don't worry because we've thought of that too. Pre-paid shipping labels will be sent to you with your boxes. Once your boxes are packed, you just stick the label on top, and you're good to go. 

2. They are the sturdiest in the industry

You read that correctly. When it comes to the world of cardboard, there is definitely a hierarchy of quality. Storage Scholars boxes rank at the top for durability and sturdiness (and they look cool, too). That means you can pack it full to the brim and be confident it will stay intact and protect your belongings during transit and while stacked in storage. And while our boxes are close to unbreakable, our student movers are not, so please follow our packing tips, distribute weight evenly, and try not to exceed 50 pounds.  

Sam Chason, CEO and the face of Storage Scholars on our custom boxes.

3. They have the founder's face on them

We wanted to put a face to the company, and there's no one better to represent this college moving and storage company than CEO Sam Chason himself. Sam lived at Wake Forest University for four years and knows a thing or two about summer storage and moving. He's been through it a time or two. But his story is unique because he saw a real need for this service during his freshman year and turned that need into a business. He's been there, and he understands the needs of his customers better than just about anyone. Plus, we think his cheerful smile will bring you a little joy while packing! Don't believe it? Try us and see! 

4. They are completely free 

This is one of our most outstanding features! If you choose Storage Scholars, you won't ever have to worry about running to the store for boxes. They're complimentary and included as part of the service. The boxes are shipped to your home if you use our Ship to School program. Using our Summer Storage program, you can take as many as you need on your campus during your school's designated Distribution Days. Included with your boxes are all the bubble wrap and packaging tape you could possibly need! We only ask that you return to us whatever you don't use so we can pass it along to another student. 

5. The cost to store them is very affordable

No matter what you stick inside your Storage Scholars box, there is one low monthly price for you to store that box with us. For $18 per month/per box, your item will be picked up, moved to storage for four months (or longer if needed), and then dropped off when you move back in. No heavy lifting, no renting trucks for moving, no bugging friends for help, and no taking up your parents' entire living room. We'll take care of it all. And if you store furniture or anything else with your boxes, you can find pricing for those items on our pricing page. 

6. Each one comes with insurance

Accidents can't always be avoided, so we went ahead and got prepared in case they happen to your Storage Scholars boxes. We've added $100 of complimentary insurance to each box you store with us. If you think your box contents are valued at more than $100, you can add additional insurance to each box. We just ask that you take and upload a picture of the contents of each box to your online portal before your boxes get picked up.

7. They're the perfect size

22" x18" x18" to be exact! Big enough to fit a good number of your belongings but small enough for one person to transport without injuring their back. Curious to know what can fit in a box? Here is what some of our customers said: 

"The Storage Scholars box held my Nespresso machine, all my winter sweaters, and my bath towels."

"I fit 5 pairs of sneakers, 4 boots, and 7 sandals in my Storage Scholars box. That's 16 pairs of shoes!"

"I was able to put my blender, both my bedside lamps, my blankets, and some silverware in my Storage Scholars box!"

8. They can double as a shipping box

While you might not need us to ship your Storage Scholars boxes anywhere, it's a different story for some. Transferring schools, medical leave, or just taking a semester off? Whatever the reason, plans can change. Storage scholars will ship your boxes via FedEx Ground. The boxes you've stored your belongings in all summer are perfect for shipping. The sturdy design keeps them safe during transit, unlike traditional moving boxes, which are far less sturdy. We will easily stick a label on it and send it on its way. 

Take all the boxes you need right on campus!

9. They're available right on campus 

No driving (or Uber-ing) to the store for boxes and packaging supplies. For Summer Storage students, boxes are available right on campus. Check our website and find your school to see which days we will be set up. You can walk right down and pick up all the supplies you need! For Ship to School students, your boxes will be mailed to your home over the summer (along with packing supplies!). You just tell us how many to send, and they will be shipped using FedEx Ground. We pride ourselves on making the entire process as easy as possible for you. 

10. Our boxes are made locally

We hope you'll love this as much as we do. It's easy to outsource materials like boxes to other countries, but we strongly believe in sourcing locally whenever possible. That's why we use packaging suppliers local to North Carolina, where our company headquarters is located. Not only is the quality superior and delivery faster, but we also have a great relationship with our local suppliers. 

11. All boxes are 100% recyclable

Being green was a top priority when we were designing our custom boxes. We wanted to feel good about creating a product that would be mass-produced and essentially discarded by our customers at the end. That's why our boxes are 100% recyclable. We've gone a step further and ensured that the partners we work with are also green, making the extra effort to promote environmental sustainability and leave the environment better than they found it. Something as simple as increasing truckload quantity means fewer trucks on the road. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, so we do our best to live up to that. 


12. We've given them a snappy nickname

Our Storage Scholars team is so smitten with our custom boxes; they've given them their very own persona! "Boxy" has become like a company mascot and can be found on our website and on the boxes themselves. We think a Boxy costume on Distribution Day would be a great addition. What do you think? Perhaps even a future requirement for our fabulous student interns!

13. The future looks even greener

We have big plans for the future of Storage Scholars. Not only to expand to more universities but also to improve environmental sustainability within the company. One of our future plans includes a box recycling program where our boxes will get reused and recycled again and again by our student customers. We want to play a big part in being green and give our customers one less thing to worry about. 

The simple fact that there are 13 reasons why our boxes are the best in the business should help you see that our boxes really are the best in the industry! Having a superior student storage box can make your experience that much better. We have thought of everything when it comes to packing and student storage. Our convenient and secure storage solutions make moving more manageable than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Get packing - with Storage Scholars Boxes!

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