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Meet the Storage Scholars Team!

Kimberly Hirsch

January 27, 2023

5 minutes

Meet the HQ Team Members at Storage Scholars

Experts in student storage? Absolutely.

Specialists in college moving? Unequivocally.

These might be common things but trust me when I say that the members of the Storage Scholars team do them uncommonly well.

Behind every company is a team of people responsible for its success. You don't always get to see their faces or hear their stories. They are the people who work together behind the scenes to get the day-to-day operations running.

Each person has a unique job, which is a critical component of the company's performance. 

And then there's Storage Scholars!

Well, technically, these individuals each have their own job titles and responsibilities but, in reality, they do much more than their job titles depict! No bar is too high when it comes to what these team members can do. From customer success to blog writing to recruitment, this team literally does it all. 

They are GRITTY.

They are ELITE.


They are OUT OF THE BOX (problem-solvers).

And you're about to meet them all!

Read a brief description of each of these Storage Scholars professionals, and then click on their name to read more. We think you will agree that they certainly stand out in their own unique way.


Sam ChasonCEO

CEO, company visionary, and founder, Sam Chason is the young entrepreneur behind Storage Scholars. From creating the company out of his freshman dorm room at Wake Forest University, to getting the deal of a lifetime on Shark Tank, his skills, talents, and vision are unmatched. He is constantly thinking big and evolving his vision to think bigger and bigger. His leadership garners outstanding growth, and he has firmly believed in opening the opportunity to young entrepreneurs like himself from day one.  


Matt GronbergCOO

COO and medical-student-turned-entrepreneur Matt Gronberg has worked hard to drive the success of Storage Scholars since joining the company when it was still in the Wake Forest dorms. Matt is deeply involved in every department's leadership and operations, from the technical aspects of the website to financials to demonstrating and pitching to college administrators. Matt's recent pitch to the Sharks on Shark Tank will demonstrate his passion for the company and entrepreneurial spirit.


Chelsea GoodwinHead of Business Development

Self-dubbed "chaos coordinator," Chelsea keeps all departments running smoothly. She brings a unique background to her role. She is passionate about the mission, vision, and values that define Storage Scholars and always ensures those elements are at the forefront of each department. Chelsea maintains constant communication with each team member in the company, coaching and leading them every step of the way. She strives to turn team members into leaders every chance she gets.


Robert Nielsen, Head of Customer Success 

Most comedic in the workplace and the face of our customer success team, Robert is excellent at maintaining strong communication at all levels. He ensures that all the members of his customer success department are providing an incredible summer moving and storage experience for students and their parents. His leadership allows all team members to effectively strengthen the logistics, operations, and customer experience of Storage Scholars each day. 


Clare MulhollandHead of Recruitment

Originally a campus co-founder, Clare was driven for success and turned her dynamic internship into a permanent spot at Storage Scholars as the Head Recruiter! Clare now works directly with college interns from the application and interview process all the way through--all while being a college student herself at Georgetown University. She offers students a unique opportunity to gain the skills necessary to run their own campus business alongside the rest of our team.  


Nick KulmalaCustomer Success Supervisor

An entrepreneur himself, Nick is an essential member of the Customer Success Team. He ensures a personalized and top-notch customer experience from start to finish. Like our other team members, Nick wears many hats, so it's common to find him working with our recruiting department some days or helping out with public relations outreach other days. His long list of skills makes him a valuable asset to the team. 


Jenna ZayicekOperations Coordinator

Jenna works behind the scenes at Storage Scholars, assisting with the operations on campus. Still, she also has a crucial role in recruiting our interns and campus co-founders. She always exerts her efforts while collaborating and sharing her innovative ideas for success. Jenna is highly valued in her role at Storage Scholars, in part because of her positive attitude and because her role brings her to work in multiple departments within the company. She's always willing to jump ship and offer a hand where it's needed. 


Kimberly HirschContent and Copy Specialist

While she spends part of the year on the customer success team, most of Kimberly's time and passion lies in writing content and copy for Storage Scholars. She spends her days with her laptop researching, writing, editing, and optimizing new blog posts on various student storage and moving topics. Kimberly is called on often to proofread an email, whip up some new content, or reword a website blurb. Her latest contribution to the company has been writing copy for sponsored ads. She thoroughly enjoys taking on exciting new tasks and challenges, which add to her expertise. 

Jess Yaeger, Campus Teams Manager

Coming soon!

Eric Witteborg, Campus Teams Manager

Coming soon!

If you've had the chance to talk to any of our HQ team members in the past, you will certainly understand the passion and excitement they have to work in such a positive and uplifting environment. Whether a conversation on the phone with Robert, a live chat with Nick, or a personal message from CEO Sam Chason himself, we promise to give you an outstanding student storage experience every single time.  

If you have any questions about student storage for this upcoming summer, please get in touch with us at Storage Scholars! You can email us or visit our website for all the details on how we can help you. We'd love to hear from you!

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