We are confident that our prices are the best on campus. Let us know if you find an offer that is better than ours, and we promise to beat it.

All prices below are monthly prices


Storage Scholars Box (4.125 ft³) $15/month


Small Duffel Bag    $13/month

Camp Duffel     $20/month

Small Suitcase       (2-3.5 ft³)     $15/month

Medium Suitcase   (3.5-4.5 ft³)  $16/month

Large Suitcase     (4.5-5.5 ft³)   $17/month

Plastic Bins

Small       (2.5 ft³)         $13/month

Medium  (2.5-3.5 ft³)   $14/month

Large       (3.5-4.5 ft³)     $15/month

XL           (4.5-5.5 ft³)    $16/month

Furniture & FUrnishings

Mini Fridge        $15/month

Trunk                 $17/month

Desk Chair         $17/month

Futon                $37/month

Ottoman $10/month

Mirror $5/month

Rug $10/month

Mattress Pad $15/month

Mattress $25/month

Headboard $9/month

Shoe/Clothing Rack $7/month

Shelves/Dresser (<3.5 ft^3) $10/month

Shelves/Dresser (3.5-4.5 ft^3) $16/month

Shelves/Dresser (4.5-5.5 ft^3) $22/month

Shelves/Dresser (>5.5 ft^3) $28/month


Small TV   (15"-29")                          $17/month

Medium TV   (30"-45")                         $20/month

Large TV   (46"-60")                        $23/month

Bicycle                                                            $25/month

Guitar                                                            $17/month

Printer                                               $12/month

Cooler                                               $10/month


Email Us For Any Pricing Questions

Storage Terms are 4 Months: Summer, Fall & Spring



Need a safe, affordable place to store your car over the summer? Look no further. Our team will handle the transportation and storage of your car to and from campus. At this time, car storage is exclusively offered at Wake Forest University at a rate of $250/month, please email us for more details!


Our discounts at UPS allow us to make your shipping charges equivalent to if you were shipping yourself. However, we provide FREE boxes, tape and bubble as well as pick up and shipment of the items.  



Each box or out-of-box item you store includes a complimentary $50 insurance.

Additional protection can be purchased at a cost of $3 per $50 of insurance up to a total declared value of $500.